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Earn5% intereston $10 Worthy Bond purchases while supporting your fellow humans.


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Worthy Bonds - How It Works

Let's face it, saving money is hard, and investing it is complicated.

With so many complicated and expensive investment options, getting a decent return is difficult. But... what if you could create a financial future aligned with your values and lifestyle?

That's what Worthy will help you do.

Worthy is the only platform that allows you to invest as low as $10 and earn 5% interest without having to pay any fees.

We use the bond proceeds primarily to make secured loans to growing American businesses. Imagine that — putting your money to work by supporting your fellow humans. Ready to get started?

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Worthy Bonds: The new way to grow your wealth by 5% annually

Become an investor for as low as $10

Earn fixed 5% interest

Watch the interest grow daily

Open to all U.S. Residents with a bank account

Cash in your bonds at any time without paying fees

A simple way to diversify your portfolio

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Interest Earned in 12 Months


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We only make the worthiest loans with our bond proceeds

Worthy Bonds Risk Profile

Worthy Peer Capital II, a Worthy Financial company, invests bond sale proceeds into secured, asset-backed small business loans and into other public and private investments, including real estate.

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Become an investor for as low as $10.

For as low as $10 you can invest today and start earning 5% interest, all without having to worry about paying any fees. Creating the financial future you desire is simple, because you are Worthy.

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and strengthen our communities by supporting each other

Invest in a peer powered portfolio

Finance, democratized


Get access to opportunities previously reserved for accredited investors.

Worthy allows anyone and everyone to take advantage of higher returns, thanks to Reg A+.

By purchasing Worthy bonds, you also contribute to healthier small business communities.

Solid returns, anytime


Skip the bank and earn 5% yearly interest.

Worthy Bonds are $10.00 fixed interest bonds that fund loans for creditworthy American businesses.

The bonds are 36 month term but you can withdraw your money at any time*.

Diversify on your own terms


Grow your money in a way that better aligns with your values and lifestyle.

Funds raised from Worthy Bonds are used to help fuel American small businesses via asset-based loans.

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Welcome to a fairer, more human face of finance

It’s time for a change.

Worthy helps you save and grow your money — and do it in a way that better aligns with your values and lifestyle.

Proceeds from your purchase of Worthy's 5% fixed interest bonds are used to help fuel American small businesses. Imagine that — putting your money to work by supporting your fellow humans.

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What are Worthy Peer Capital Bonds?

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered, 36-month, 5% interest-bearing obligations of Worthy Peer Capital, Inc.

Can anyone buy them?

Yes, the Bonds can be purchased by accredited and non-accredited U.S. investors. You must be over 18 to buy bonds.

How many bonds can I buy?

Unlimited for accredited investors ($50,000 limit on online purchases) and up to 10% of an individual’s annual income or net worth for non-accredited investors.

When do I get my money back?

Bonds are 36-month term, but can be cashed out at any time without penalty.*
After all, we’re trying to help you grow your money, not take it!

How liquid are Worthy Bonds?

You can take out your money at any time, including the interest with no penalties or fees at all. Just click on the "Withdrawal" button on our app and that's it.

How is the interest compounded?

Interest compounds at a 5% annual rate as soon as you've reached at least a penny in earned interest.

What if the stock market goes down?

Absolutely nothing. Worthy Bonds are not correlated to market conditions. Even when stocks or other investments go down, Worthy Bonds stay strong giving you 5% returns.

Welcome to a fairer, more human side of finance

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