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Worthy Peer Capital

We are working to change the face of finance. We want to help people grow a nest egg even if they think they can’t… and do it while supporting Main Street, instead of Wall Street.


Worthy Peer Capital is the wholly owned subsidiary of Worthy Financial, Inc. – a financial services company committed to community capital. We believe everyone is worthy of economic security and that we are all better off if we invest in each other.

Worthy Bonds

We created and sell SEC registered bonds that help fuel American businesses. Proceeds from bonds sales are lent out to growing companies who offer collateral such as inventory to secure the funds. Since the money from the sale of our Worthy bonds helps fund the loans, you, as a bond holder, get to share in the interest generated.

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At last, even the smallest investors can benefit from strong returns usually reserved for larger, institutional and wealthy investors!

Welcome to a fairer, more human side of finance

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