Worthy Causes

Harness the power of the crowd for your fundraising efforts

Imagine your donors being able to fund the causes they care about with every purchase they make. Now they can! Their spare change can help make change in the world!

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Our Worthy Causes program helps non-profit organizations generate contributions from “smaller” donors via our spare change “round-up” tool. Donors painlessly gather and donate funds by investing the “spare change” from their daily purchases throughout the year.

The donor simply links a debit or credit card within our Worthy app and every time the card is used it rounds the transactions up to the next whole dollar (so, for instance, $1.57 is rounded-up to $2.00). Whenever the “rounded-up” spare change reaches $10.00, a purchase of our SEC registered $10.00, 5% interest bearing bonds is made. The bonds are then donated to causes like yours, earning interest at 5% per year, credited weekly. Proceeds from selling Worthy Bonds get invested in secured loans to community businesses so there is an additional positive social impact with every bond purchased!

In addition to, or instead of, our round-up program, donors can also simply buy a desired number of bonds and donate them to the cause of their choice or they can set a recurring monthly amount to invest making it an easy way to contribute.

Benefits include:

  • Painless giving, donors support their causes without altering their lifestyle
  • All giving is magnified by 5% interest
  • Supporting causes and Main Street businesses in the process
  • Round-up program averages about $30/month per donor

Learn more about Worthy Causes in our FAQs

If you are a non-profit or other entity with a community of supporters, we’d be happy to explore how our Worthy Causes program can help fund and fuel your mission.

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