Individual Retirement Account

Your IRA or HSA can purchase Worthy Bonds as an investment!

Imagine your earnings reinvested in Worthy Bonds, earning interest on your interest.

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Already have an IRA?

If you already have a self-directed IRA you can invest in Worthy Bonds right away.

To get onboarded smoothly, be sure you have the following ready when creating your account: Your Custodian's name, your self-directed IRA name with your Custodian, and your personal information including tax id used for your IRA.

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Need to open an IRA?

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Open a self-directed IRA with New Direction Trust Company.

Fund that account with a rollover, transfer, and/or contribution.

A 401(k) at a previous employer can be transferred or rolled over without tax or penalty. It's that simple!

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Have questions?See the NDTCO FAQ

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